Booking terms

Upon booking you agree to the following conditions:

Is banned from entering the premises to persons under 18, you may be asked the ID or other document for verification. If you have made a purchase or for being under 18 years is not the reason for refund.

In any case the ticket of our party boat included in the ticket price / access / discount to any club because they are a gift we provide to our customers as an aid for sale. The company will be responsible for lists / bracelets / discounts in any case. Failure in a list / bracelet or have simply not ready / bracelets / discounts on the customer requires in any case not be grounds for a refund.

Check-in time starts 1H before departure and closes 15 minutes before departure, it is right in front of the boat. First you must perform the checkin to exchange the ticket for a wristband. No refunds if the customer has not checkin in the same opening hours.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to the exhibition and / or event.

Illegal (or attempted illegal resale) resale of a ticket constitutes a cause for seizure or cancellation of such entry without refund or any other compensation.

An entry may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, unless the promoter of the event give a formal written authorization.

The use of trademarks or any other intellectual property the boat party will also be subject to the express consent of the boat party.

This entry is issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the venue and the promoter of the event. All details are available at the box office of the enclosure.

Violation of any of these rules and regulations, or any other unacceptable act likely to cause harm, injury or tort, shall entitle the venue or the event promoter to drive the user to the site. The consumption of drugs and / or drunk before entering the boat will be grounds for immediate expulsion without right to refund

The company will not be responsible for any lost or stolen tickets. Campus Promoter and not responsible for any personal property are made.

The Ticket holders consent to the recording of video and audio as part of the public.

The refund of previously purchased tickets and / or reserved is not allowed. The inability to attend an event or an error (date, etc.) upon the acquisition will not be valid for a refund reasons. The refund is not permitted if the holder / s of the / s input / s decide to leave the event at any point.

Tickets can only be canceled and proceed to return as long as a serious illness that prevents attend the event justified.

Date changes will be accepted as long as they are notified 48 hours in advance of departure of the event for which the acquisition has taken place.

In those cases where the rough seas not allow the ship’s departure and upon prior notice from the company, the amount of the paid entrance to our offices will be refunded; He will take over the reservation amount paid (by reservation means 20% of the total amount) in any case.

In those cases where the rough seas not allow the realization of water sports, you will be compensated with one ticket per person for the same other day when weather conditions are favorable for them and must apply through the service number customer, available on the home page.

Schedules and itineraries are approximate and may vary without notice due to weather conditions. All of these terms and conditions by Spanish law and any dispute arising from any transaction governed only be subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts promoter.

Any of the above clauses be invalid or be contrary to law, it shall be deemed not start subtracting others in force and full effect to the parties.